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Open Face Chinese Poker

What is Open Face Chinese Poker?
In Open Face Chinese (OFC) Poker, players do not receive all 13 cards to start, as opposed to traditional Chinese poker. Instead, they receive five cards to start and then draw one card at a time until each player has a 13-card hand.
After originating in Finland in 2000, this game spread in Russia and now has become popular all around the world. Open Face Chinese Poker is often played as a side game in large poker tournaments.
How to play Open Face Chinese Poker online
A standard online game usually has three-handed tables and may consist of two to four players. To help you determine the order of action, a dealer button is used, which moves after each hand.
Each player is first dealt five cards, after which another card is given to each player. This continues till each player has placed all his 13 cards. After placing the last card, players are required to make comparisons and score their hands.
The basics of scoring in Open Face Chinese Poker?
This game follows a simple scoring process, which is done via points, sometimes also called units. So, if the OFC poker game is worth ₹1, then each point or unit is worth ₹1. Each player is paid ₹1 for each hand that he wins.
When a player is able to scoop all the three hands against an opponent, he gets bonus units. In case a player surrenders his hand, he must pay units to his opponents according to the rules. Again, in the case of a foul, the player pays units to each opponent.
Tips to play Open Face Chinese Poker

  • Know the royalties by heart.
  • Play safe in fouling situations.
  • Strategise when you are near ‘Fantasyland’.
  • Big pairs have high chances of fouling if you play them too early.
  • Don’t depend too much on royalties in the ‘Middle’
  • Keep track of ‘Live Cards’


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