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Playing poker used to be a restricted activity and was accessible only in a few areas of India. But with the introduction of online poker, you can play poker online anytime, anywhere. But is the experience the same? This article takes you through the process of playing poker in India.

Where to Play?

Are Rules Different?

No, poker rules in online poker are the same as offline poker. You have to start with a blind bet and then proceed with the typical actions (Check, Bet, Fold, Call, Raise), that are applicable in any other poker game. Similar to offline poker, the highest hand at shutdown wins the round. Therefore, poker rules are the same in online poker.

Is it Safe?

Yes, most poker websites are safe and secured. To check the validity and security of the sites, you can check for their security certifications. If a poker website is SSL secured and is also verified by other companies like iTech Labs or GoDaddy, you can make your deposits without worrying.

The Bottom Line: Should You Play Poker Online?

Why not? If you play poker in India online, it is legal, safe, secure, and fun to play. Offline poker is not legal in India, and if you want to play poker, you need to travel outside the country. With the introduction of online poker, you can play it anywhere anytime without worrying about the legality and availability. Moreover, many poker websites give detailed guides to learn poker, making it easier for newbies.


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