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Open Face Chinese Poker Games in India

Open Face Chinese Poker, popularly known as OFC is a steadily growing game in the world of poker and is largely a skill based game. On Pokermagnet, OFC can be played between two to three players with a deck of 52 cards.

Each player must use thirteen cards consisting of 3 cards in the front hand, 5 cards in the middle hand, and 5 cards in the back hand. Play is in clockwise order and starts with the player to the left of the dealer. The back hand must be stronger than or equal to the middle hand and the middle hand must be stronger than or equal to the front hand. The strength of the hand is determined by regular poker rankings.

“The player shall have back row stronger or equal to the middle row and the middle row must be stronger than the front row”.

If the series is broken, the player is said to have fouled and does not qualify for score.

The dealer is marked as the starting point of the game and keeps rotating clockwise. The dealer is also the active player in the game and the cards are dealt in clockwise direction with the player on the immediate left of the dealer acting first.

Misset or fouled hand: If the player’s back row hand is not stronger or equal to the middle and front row, or the middle row hand is not stronger than the front row hand, then the hand is not considered legal and is termed as fouled or a misset. Example: Two pair in the back, flush in the middle and a pair in the front. The fouled player doesn’t win a point but instead owes 6 points to the other active players.

Scoring system: The winner is determined by the points scored in the game. Participating player’s front, middle and back row are compared. Player’s points are compared, starting from the left of the dealer, each winning row constitutes a point. Each row won is worth 1 point and each row lost is -1 point. If the player has won 2 out of the 3 rows then total point won is 1(1+1-1). Each ‘scoop’ or ‘sub-hands’ (rows) that qualify for royalties bring additional points.

Scoop: If a player wins all three rows, then they have simply ‘scooped’ the opponent and are awarded 3 extra bonus points. The winner will then receive a total of 6 points [3 bonus points+3(1+1+1)] for winning all rows.

Royalties: Each sub-hand (row) of the player that qualifies for royalty also brings different points to the player. Below is the royalty chart that shows the point value per poker hand setting.

Royalty Chart

Back Row Royalties

Straight 2 points
Flush 4 points
Full House 6 points
Quads (4 of a kind) 10 points
Straight Flush 15 points
Royal Flush 25 points

Middle Row Royalties

Three of a Kind 2 points
Straight 4 points
Flush 8 points
Full House 12 points
Quads (4 of a kind) 20 points
Straight Flush 30 points
Royal Flush 50 points

Front Row Royalties (66+)

66 1 point 77 2 points
88 3 points 99 4 points
10 10 5 points J J 6 points
QQ 7 points KK 8 points
AA 9 points 222 10 points
333 11 points 444 12 points
555 13 points 666 14 points
777 15 points 888 16 points
999 17 points 10 10 10 18 points
JJJ 19 points QQQ 20 points
KKK 21 points AAA 22 points
  • Example: If a player’s front row hand has three 8s (8, 8, 8) then the player will be credited with 16 points..

  • It should be remembered that royalties are paid in the following manner. Example – If player A has a Straight (2 points) in the back row and player B has a Flush (4 points) then player A will pay +2 points to Player B.

  • Fouled or misset hands will be denied the royalty points.

  • Royalty points get cancelled when the players have the same royalty points. Example – If player A has 333 (three of a kind) in the middle row and player B has 222 (three of a kind) in the middle row then the royalty point will get canceled but player A will win the row hand and get +1 point.

  • A royalty point can be won even if the player loses the hand or row.

Multi player: If three players are playing then the game moves in clockwise order and starts with the player to the immediate left of the dealer. After all the cards are dealt and each player has built their individual qualifying hands according to their own strategy, the point distribution starts – from the player who initiated the game. Each row of hand is compared with the corresponding row of the other players and the winning player gets the point. Points are also gained by scoop and royalty. If a player fouls while setting their hand they will automatically owe 6 points to the other players.

Fantasy Land:This is a special bonus for the player who has the following combination in the front row and does not foul:

Combination Number of cards dealt in fantasy land
QQ 14 cards
KK 15 cards
AA 16 cards
Three of a kind 17 cards

The player who achieves fantasy land based on the above combination, receives 14+, 15+, 16+ or 17+ cards dealt all at the same time in the next hand. The fantasy land player chooses 13 cards out of the dealt cards to make the required combination in all three rows – according to his strategy. While the other players play out the hand as they normally would, getting 5 cards in the first round followed by 3 cards for the next rounds. Players in fantasy land set the cards face down when it is their turn to act and these will be visible to the other players only after the game is over. In one game, it is possible that all the three players can be in fantasyland.

To remain in fantasy land, the fantasy land player needs to have a combination of:

Row/Hand Strength of Hand
Front (and/or) Any three of a kind (15 cards)
Middle (and/or) Full house or higher (14 cards),

Royal flush (15 cards)

Back (and/or) Four of a kind or higher (14 cards),

Royal flush (15 cards)

  • Reference to the above table: If a player in fantasyland again gets a hand of Royal flush in the back row then in the other hand the player will again be in fantasyland with 15+ cards dealt at once.
  • Another way to remain in fantasy land is that the player must score 10 royalty points or higher in any sub hand.


Hand Ranking Rules:

Players front hand is compared to the opponents front hand, the middle to the middle, and the bottom to the bottom. A player will win or lose points, based on how the hand measures as compared to the opponent’s hand.


The strength of the hand is determined by regular poker hand rankings. The middle and back row can make the best five-card poker hand while the front row can only make the best three-card hand. Thus the best front hand is AAA. Five of a kind, Straights, Four of a kind, flushes, and straight flushes are not legal and not feasible front hands, thus front hand strength is measured by comparing front hand of the players in the order of: Three of a kind, One pair and Higher card.



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