Why Poker is the new chess: A game of mind or a game of chance

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Why Poker is the new chess: A game of mind or a game of chance

Poker is a card game in which you either win or lose money. The two primary contrasts between chess and poker are encapsulated in this definition: chess is a board game, and it does not incorporate money as an element of the game.

The poker strategy is solely based on talent. Short-term outcomes, on the other hand, are largely impacted by luck. Professional poker hand rankings limit the luck factor by continuously making better judgments and, as a result, winning in the long run. 

This article aims to prove that poker games online are not just games of luck, but need a great amount of skill and dedication.

Advantages of Poker

Despite its appearance, this mind game trains players to plot, to look beyond their own movements, and to predict those of their opponents. Below are some advantages of poker:

Poker is a game of mind and luck.

While many people still believe that poker games online are primarily a game of luck, others believe that it is also a game of skill and strategy. Both chess and poker require great intellectuality. Players improve their logical and analytical thinking, problem-solving ability, attentiveness, and visual processing abilities by playing these two games. 

Boosts mathematical skills

Mathematics has a great impact on both poker and chess. These games, particularly chess, need a solid understanding of calculating odds and probabilities while playing. Though some may object, professional poker players claim that math’s helps them not just calculate “pot odds,” but also decide whether or not to call.

Boosts psychological skills

Poker and chess involve a lot of prediction and behavioral reading, both of which are crucial elements of psychology. It is not just about technique, but also about understanding how your competitor thinks, how they could respond to a specific move, and whether or not they are pretending. Such abilities are useful not only in games but also in real life.

Poker teaches you patience.

A game of poker isn’t very fast. The pace of the games is gradual and requires a lot of patience. In fact, some games might take several hours to complete! If you want to improve and win in poker, you must be patient; hence, players quickly master this attribute.

Improves attention and focus.

To succeed in the poker strategy, you must be extremely observant. It’s not a good idea to start a game and then be easily sidetracked by what’s going on around you. Players can pick up on tells, body language, and changes in attitude by focusing and concentrating. It takes focus to notice these little changes, but the return may be substantial.

Teaches discipline.

Being disciplined is something that all the best poker players share. Disciplined athletes do not act just because they are enticed, and they do not take large risks without careful consideration. They are not easily distracted, they do not behave rashly, they are respectful of other players, and they control their emotions. Undisciplined behavior may result in huge losses.

Poker is played against other players, not against the house.

The fundamental reason poker games online are a game of skill rather than luck is that, unlike every other casino game, your principal opponents are other individuals, not the house.

Everyone knows that the house usually wins. There’s a reason why casinos in Las Vegas are so magnificent, and depending on how much you’re willing to bet, they’ll even comp your entire stay.

It is because they are confident that they will triumph in the end. In fact, Las Vegas casinos are widely renowned for recruiting some of the country’s finest math’s grads to ensure that the margins in their games make a handsome profit for them in the long term.

You could be the fortunate one this time, but you can bet that more than half of the 40 million tourists who visit the city each year leave with gambling losses rather than profits.

However, in poker, the house just provides the means to play the game. They do not earn directly from the outcome of poker hands.

They do make money by collecting a rake from event buy-ins and cash gaming pots. This, meanwhile, is a set quantity. The majority of the action takes place between its patrons, who are poker players.

Because you’re basically playing against other people (often novices), your opponents will make plenty of blunders, which you might exploit. This is why it’s always recommended to play against the ones who make the most severe technical faults, the recreational players.

Do you believe poker has had a successful start with the many leagues, players from diverse professions, and corporates investing in the game?

The general public’s perception of the game is varied. While an individual hand may be a matter of chance, talent takes control when a large number of hands are involved. As a result, it’s a game in which probability plays a role. 

Second, the distinction for me is that in chess, all of the information is on the table at all times, with no concealed information. However, there is information that is hidden in poker, therefore it is intriguing to watch the talents and techniques that are used to comprehend the opponents. Many computations must be performed, and intuition is always important in the end. 

The entire procedure needs a creative strategy as well as a great deal of mathematics. With a large number of educated young people taking up the game, poker hand rankings have gained some attention, which is a good start.


Nobody ever claimed poker strategy would be simple. In fact, it may be one of the most difficult games on the planet at times, which is why so few people succeed in the long run.

Someone needs to lose for you to win after the house takes its piece. And these are the folks that wind up losing money in the long term, either because they were outplayed or because the game was too difficult for them to manage emotionally.

However, this does not affect the fundamental mathematical reality that, in the long term, poker is a game of skill rather than luck. For a reason, the same top pros continue to win year after year.

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