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From the past couple of weeks, we have observed that people across the world have joined their hands together to fight against the spread of Coronavirus. Self- Quarantining oneself and maintaining “Social Distancing” is the only way to fight against this Pandemic disease.



However, Social Distancing and self-quarantine from the past couple of weeks have had its side effects on people such as feeling lonely and boredom due to isolation.


To overcome this loneliness and boredom, Poker Magnet ( is offering an all-in-one online poker platform that provides a real-life poker playing experience.


Poker is a game of skill that helps in developing your mental and analytic skills. It also acts as a source of entertainment and engagement as you get busy with playing. Online poker acts as an eventful escape from the unexciting and droning schedule during this period of lockdown.


Playing poker aids in developing better decision-making skills and also helps in money management in terms of keeping a balance between losses and wins.


At this moment where every shop and establishment is closed and there is a lack of source of income and also there is no job security, this is the time where you can count on your poker gaming skills and support yourself by earning money while sitting at home or while working from home. 


If you’re a beginner or just starting off playing online on our platform, you can always start from micro stakes, to understand the game or to build your trust in our platform.


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