How To Crush Online Poker In 2022

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How To Crush Online Poker In 2022

Playing online poker in India is no easy feat, unlike traditional poker games you can’t see the faces or expressions that the people on the table might be having while playing. We have 5 online poker tips for you to help you crush online poker in 2022:


Be assertive 


In order to win in a poker tournament online today, you have to be aggressive. Poker at the very basic level is played for money, so playing fiercely is a necessity – you have to win money from others, they will not give you money. However, blind hostility is also not a good strategy; you must adjust and vary your hostility style based on the table and how it develops.


Create a peaceful Zen environment


We play poker online  mostly from the comfort of our homes, and being at home can be very distracting. When you are playing online poker tournaments from your house or anywhere, ensure that the environment really helps you focus on the game. Doing so will really help you keep your cool during the Ups and Downs of online poker.


Bankroll management


Always ensure that you manage your Poker bankroll, and always separate your personal and poker finances. This is to ensure that you can handle even the most basic Ups and Downs in poker. By managing your Poker bankroll, and staying within the limit set by you to spend in Poker – you will be able to avoid making any desperate moves to prevent any variance made during the game.


Maintain a healthy body


To get better at concentrating and sitting at poker tables for hours at a stretch, be it online or physical – it can be very tiring and draining for the body and therefore you must maintain a healthy body and train it, this way you can play online tournaments very easily without much fatigue. Regular exercise, good nutrition and optimal sleep is a must. 


Do not lose track of the basics


At the end of the day Poker is still a game of strategy and money, keep your basics strong and then start attempting complex tricks and strategies. If you ever forget your basics and start playing complicated tricks, then it is possible that even the most basic tricks can overthrow you.

Online Poker tends to be more fast paced than traditional poker, while the basics of it might remain the same, there are certainly different ways you can go about tackling the two. Hope these online poker tips boost you further on your online poker journey!

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