How Can You Persuade Your Parents to Let You Play Online Poker?

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How Can You Persuade Your Parents to Let You Play Online Poker?

Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world and there’s been an ever growing fascination to play the game especially ever since online poker platforms have come into play. The exponential growth of the online gaming industry has also encouraged many millennials to take the plunge and they have sought to build a career for themselves as professional poker players. While the younger generations understand that Poker isn’t just about gambling, the stigma associated with the game and the negative connotations that surround it are a huge setback for parents. For families, playing poker for money or choosing to become a professional poker player is a rather unconventional route to take. 

It is essential for Poker players to make their parents and families understand why they shouldn’t be skeptical about playing poker for money and see it as a significant part of your life that brings you a steady income. 

Here are 4 approaches to educating your parents about poker, in case you’re thinking of turning pro: 

1- Poker as a learning-

  • To begin with, poker is a professional, mind-building game that demands quick thinking and wit. Poker also helps you develop a strategy, especially for beginners. It helps you build a skill-set, improve your logical thinking, and improve your ability to concentrate. Poker is a game of skill, but that skill centres on strategy, which dictates how a player plays their hand.

2- Players in Poker-

  • With the expansion of the online gaming industry, the number of players playing poker online has increased as well. Many of these players are renowned worldwide for the career path they chose. For you to make your parents understand, you can use the examples of successful poker players and validate your case. This serves as a template for the game’s authenticity, making it easier for parents to comprehend the game’s merits. 

3- Showing them the numbers- 

  • Educating your parents on the concept of money in Poker and how money is actually dealt with, commonly known as Bankroll Management, can be helpful in clearing the negative connotations between poker and money. Showing them the profits and losses you make in a poker game can help them gain an evaluative insight into the financial aspect of poker along with other high monetary management gains Poker teaches its players. 

4- Explaining the game- 

  • Another important point that can be used to educate is to explain and teach the game to your parents. This will ensure the understanding of the game as well as highlight the intelligence required to play professional poker. Teaching them 5 card omaha or 6+ hold ’em variations is a good idea because this variation employs a smaller deck, making it easier for any newbie to learn and comprehend how poker works. Your parents will be able to appreciate the game and the talent required for the game. 

If poker is your actual calling, you must show yourself and get support, just like any other hobby or career. Encourage your parents to play a hand with you at your next poker game and you never know, this might turn out to be a new and fun family activity.

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